MHRadio 16: Italoboyz vs. Blind Minded

Another month another show. But this is not a normal show, it is Chris Lattner’s last regular one before he leaves for his break. The next time he will have a little chat with the next hosts of the Moon Harbour Radio Show: Luna City Express and Dan Drastic. We also will try to answer your questions, please send them to us via or Twitter @moonharbour.

This time Chris talks to the well-known Italoboyz and their partner in crime Blind Minded. They will release their EP “Bekeke” on Moon Harbour in September, which will be of course featured in the news section. Italoboyz and Blind Minded also have delivered a great 80 minutes Back2Back DJ set.

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Our show is also running on following sites:

01 Dot – Several Days (Sven Tasnadi Remix) – Legotek
02 Italoboyz vs Blind Minded – Mamacita – Moon Harbour Recordings
03 Audiojack – Mind Games (Luna City Express remix) – Gruuv
04 Italoboyz – Spooky Bird – Moon Harbour Recordings

Italoboyz & Blind Minded Set
01 Pantha Du Prince – Welt Am Draht (Die Vögel Version)
02 Kid.Chic – Untitled – Harry Klein Records 002
03 S K- “4 Dubs”- White
04 Raiders Of The Lost Arp-Hold On-Stx004
05 Matthew Dear-Little People (Black City) (Sasha Dive’s Dub)-Deep Vibes
06 Italoboyz vs Blind Minded – Bekeke – Moon Harbour
07 Tyree-Nuthin Wrong – Dance Mania
08 Italoboyz – Organanza – Unreleased
09 Brothers In Low-Zurichtakeaway-Mus 01
10 Italoboyz Vs Blind Minded – Ride Along With Me – Unreleased
11 Shonky – Conquistador – Contexterrior
12 Get Ready To Hit (Original) Brett Johnson Left Turn Right Turn EP
13 Split/Secs-White
14 Cobblestone Jazz-Memories[From Where You Are]-Wrl 007
15 Pantha Du Prince – Welt Am Draht (Die Vögel Version)


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