Moon Harbour Radio 59: Sable Sheep, hosted by Dan Drastic


This month’s Moon Harbour Radio guests our favourite Metal enthusiast Sable Sheep. His tight set shows again that he feels at home between rough, minimal Tech-House jams and dark, but groovy Techno. Moon Harbour Radio host Dan Drastic fills the first hour with new tracks by Sven Tasnadi, Luna City Express, Doorly, Einzelkind, Mosca or Pearson Sound, amongst others.

The Moon Harbour Radio Show is presented by Allen & Heath.

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Dan Drastic DJ Set (1 Hour)
Pearson Sound – Glass Eye – Hessle Audio
Polder – Hedwige – Amam
House Of Black Lanterns – The Smack (Mosca’s Dread At The Controls Version) – Hypercolour
The Perusader – Sugsankan – Templar
Luna City Express – Magic Bazar (Einzelkind’s Para Yok Mix) – Moon Harbour
Siopsis – Listen To The Whispers (Jody Hannan Remix) – Suruba
El_Txef – Neurotransmitters Communication – Flumo Limited
George Morel & Kai Anschau feat. Ora Solar – Echoes Keep Calling – Groove On
Sven Tasnadi – My Groove feat. Gjeazon (Doorly Remix) – Moon Harbour
Tom Demac – RIP Vogel – AUS Music
Eyerer & Chopstick – Get Up – Kling Klong
Paul Bowen – Rusty Spoon – Luna Records

Sable Sheep DJ Set (1 Hour)
Monoloc – Things (Roman Lindau Remix) – CLR
Marco Faraone – Restrictions
Eddie Richards – Oyea (Sable Sheep Remix)
Shlomi Aber – Helter Skelter – Be As One
Clouds – Those Cracks in Your Face, Do They Hurt? – Turbo
Robert Hood – Clash – M-Plant
Sable Sheep – Paranoidal – Desolat
Yotam Avni – UR Sleeping – Be As One
Crystal Bandito – Let It All Out – Ultramajic
Stop File – Panic – Desolat


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