Moon Harbour Radio 57: Hector Couto, hosted by Dan Drastic


For the first issue of Moon Harbour Radio show of 2015 Dan Drastic invites the Tenerife based Hector Couto. Hector just released his remix for Cuartero’s Trouble on Paradise on Moon Harbour and a second remix for Luna City Express’ Are You Ready will be out in a few weeks.

In the news section Dan Drastic introduces new and upcoming Moon Harbour Releases by Cuartero and wAFF as well as Chris Wood & MEAT. Also new tracks by Doubtingthomas, Markus Homm, Lee Van Dowski, Sven Tasnadi, Hermanez and Bollen & Fichtner will be heard.

The Moon Harbour Radio Show is presented by Allen & Heath.

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Our show is also running on following sites:

Dan Drastic DJ Set (1 Hour)
Doubtingthomas – Cognitive Dissonance – Metroline Limited
Markus Homm – Columbian Blue – Bondage Music
Chris Wood & MEAT – DaDaDou (Maximiljan Remix) – Moon Harbour
Lee Van Dowski – 050504 – Mobilee
Cuartero – Trouble In Paradise – Moon Harbour
Sven Tasnadi – Waste Time – 2020 Vision
Cuaerto & wAFF – Break A Sweat – Moon Harbour
Marsupials & Marcus Raute – Clive Thermalbear Remix) – Seven Music
Chris Wood & MEAT – Playing What – Moon Harbour
Hermanez, Bollen & Fichtner – Dogma – Aella
Premiesku – Vreju – Desolat

Hectour Couto DJ Set (1 Hour)
Jef K, Subb-an – Paris BeBe feat. Jef K (Original Mix)
Mihalis – JFK (Tom Flynn Remix)
Unknown – Unknown
Carlos Sanchez – Our First Stop (Javier Carballo Remix)
Alessio Collina – Everytime
Cuartero – Trouble In Paradise (Hector Couto Remix) – Moon Harbour
Mome – Mr.Raw
Cera Alba – Voltage – Moon Harbour
DJ Sossa, Brad Sucks – Brace Brace (Subb-an Remix)
Montel – New York Has Changed (Julien Sandre Remix)


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