Moon Harbour Radio 53: Chris Tietjen, hosted by Dan Drastic

This time Moon Harbour Radio host Dan Drastic invited Chris Tietjen to the show. Chris Tietjen is well-known for his more than ten year partnership with Sven Väth’s Cocoon imprint and lately also for his dark yet groovy Tech House tracks. The Dark and groovy premise of his tracks is also apparent in his exclusive DJ set. In the first part of the show Dan Drastic introduces us to new tracks by Marko Fürstenberg, Noah Pred or Nicson, amongst others. He also gives us a sneak peek to Maximiljan’s first EP on Moon Harbour which comes out on October 22nd on Vinyl and digitally.

The Moon Harbour Radio Show is presented by Allen & Heath.

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Dan Drastic DJ Set (1 Hour)
Marko Fürstenberg – OFF – Ornaments
Noah Pred – We Bug – Thoughtless
Dachshund – Give U Luv – Vitalik
Maximiljan – Trust Me – Moon Harbour
Maher Daniel – A Call From Within (Martin Buttrich Dub Mix) – No.19
Solid District – When It Feels Right – 12-3 Records
Jimini – Searching Tranquility – (Nicson Remix) – Flumo
Mantu – Wooden Shape – (Pele & Nico Stojan Remix) – With Compliments
Nick Curly – Hiya Power – 8Bit
Chris Tietjen – Black Leaf – MOAN
Chris Tietjen & Christian Burkhardt – Chamber Nights – Cocoon

Chris Tietjen DJ Set (1 Hour)
Markus Fix – Deep Eleven
Herbert – Oo Licky
Arapu – Slum
Benjamin Stager – Prenty
Jovonn – You
Dinky – Take me
Nekes – Thank You Neighbor
Dan Andrei – Asta Saera
Eddie Leader feat. Red Eye – Brace Yourself
Photek – Glamourama
Bicep – Gatcha Boi
Arapu – In the Groove
Frank Roger & Mandel Turner – After All



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