Moon Harbour Radio 48: Ekkohaus, hosted by Dan Drastic


It’s time to catch up with Ekkohaus on the occasion of his Noschool Remix EP. Following on from the success of Ekkohaus’ debut album, No School, last year, Moon Harbour now offer a selection of high quality remixes. The chosen ones include Watergate mix star and bona-fide house godfather Kerri Chandler, Made to Play boss Jesse Rose, label regular Sven Tasnadi, Greek producer John Dimas and rising Russian talent and Beatport remix contest winner, Ki.Mi.

In the news section Dan Drastic not only introduces us to some of the remixes from Ekkohaus’ Noschool Album, he also plays tracks by Christian Nielsen & Mr. V, Denis Horvat and Nicson, to name a few.

The Moon Harbour Radio Show is presented by Allen & Heath.

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Dan Drastic DJ Mix (1Hour)
Ekkohaus – Mark Ma Words (Ki.Mi. Remix) – Moon Harbour
Brickmann – Reborn (Nadja Lind Remix) – Lucidflow
Vangelis Kostoxenakis – Such A Feeling – Kling Klong
Ekkohaus – Rendezvous (Jesse Rose ‘Play Late’ Remix) – Moon Harbour
Christian Nielsen & Mr. V – Far From Lazy – 8Bit
Ekkohaus – D58 (Kerri Chandler Remix) – Moon Harbour
Nicson – Light Rider – Disc Over
Ekkohaus – Second Attempt (Sven Tasnadi Remix) – Moon Harbour
Deep City Groove – See The Sign (Anek Remix) – Deep Inside
Denis Horvat – Heist feat. Forrest (ONNO Stripped 303 Remix) – Upon You
FAD – Liquid Shade (Alexkid Remix) – Drumma

Ekkohaus DJ Set (1Hour)
Ryo Murakami – Voices – Morris Audio Citysport edition
Black Dynamite – Busted Loop – Fear of Flying
Ekkohaus & Rufus – Buzzin Fly (John Dimas below mix) Moon Harbour
Mr.KS – House Feeling – white
Nail – Emz Cannon dub – Shabby Doll
Trus’me – Somebody (Mosca remix) Prime Numbers
George P – Start – Enough music
Point G – Indian – PG 1
Tini Garcia – Children – SHouseLab
LB Dub Corp – Nearly Africa dub – Ostgut Ton
Mome – Ninahigh – Housewax
Makam – Aime – Sushiteck
Mosca – Press Up – Delsin
Kindimmer – Dope Loop 1 – Claap (locked groove)


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