Moon Harbour Radio 37: Ekkohaus, hosted by Dan Drastic

Issue 37 of the Mooon Harbour Radio Show is all about Ekkohaus. His long awaited album debut “Noschool” was just released on Moon Harbour. In 13 tracks (released on Vinyl (Album Sampler), CD and digital) the Greek explores his signature sound – warm 4/4 beats, involving bass and cute sampling, which leans on a whole lifetime of influence from jazz to funk, hip hop to dub to disco. Though offering plenty of dance floor dynamite along the way, “Noschool” also stands up to home listening or Sunday driving sessions.

In the interview with Moon Harbour Radio host Dan Drastic, Ekkohaus talks about the demanding and exhausting process of producing the album and how he combined Oldschool and Newschool production techniques to create the sound of “Noschool”.

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Ekkohaus – D58 – Moon Harbour
Philip Bader – Loose Talk – Moon Harbour
Philip Bader – Crazy – Moon Harbour
Ekkohaus – Reparations – Moon Harbour
Ekkohaus – Keep Your Eyes On Me – Moon Harbour
Ekkohaus – Smoothin It – Moon Harbour

Ekkohaus DJ Mix
Ekkohaus – Rendezvous (Moon Harbour)
Submantra – Feel It (Original mix)
Untitled A2 – Slowhouse recordings
Alland Byallo – Got It Wrong (Alix Alvarez remix) – Realtone
Dream house vol.1.2 (blind Jacks Journey)
Roland Nights – Do You Hear Me – Lost My Dog
Choo-ables – hard to get (bt’s massive groove) – Mule Musique
S-ampel – Right here – Act Natural
Kakudo – Lovetrain (Rogue edits)
Chube.Ka & The Deepshakerz – Let The Rhythm
Moire Patterns – Deep Down (Claap)
Philip_Bader – Crazy – Andrea Oliva Remix (Moon Harbour)
Jesper dahlback & Krome – The real Jazz – DK records
Osunlade – Camera Shy (Oskar Offerman Remix)
Point G – Indian (vinyl repress)
Audioone – Avantgram Gitex Audio)
DJ Bertrand – Ivan’s cube cleaning dub 8/10 – Serial records
Adam Shelton – Are You Still Dancing (Inhouse wax)
Wbeeza – A116 – Third Ear


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