MHRadio 04: Dan Drastic

This time the focus is on Dan Drastic, DJ & Producer on Moon Harbour, Luna Records and Rrygular. Aside from this, he is also one of the guys at the Moon Harbour office in Leipzig.

Dan Drastic will talk about his work at the office and his new release. He will also bring with him an exclusive  pumping House set!!!

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01. Dan Drastic & Chris Lattner – Two In One – Moon Harbour Recordings
02. Simon Flower – Seyyes (Dan Drastic Remix) – Moon Harbour Recordings
03. Dan Drastic – Slice Of Life – Moon Harbour Recordings
04. Dan Drastic – Behind A Green Door – Luna Records
05. Luna City Express – Ms Gera (Dan Drastic Remix) – Moon Harbour Recordings
06. Dan Drastic & Andreas Eckhardt – Help! – Rrygular
07. Dan Drastic & Andreas Eckhardt – Thank You For Travelling – Rrygular

Dan Drastic DJ Set
01. Andrew Grant – One Kiss – Barraca Music
02. Marcel Knopf – Lone Gone Home – Clap Your Hands
03. Minilogue – Space (Radio Slave Panorama Garage Remix) -Traum
04. Tom Flynn – Rhode Isand – Dirtybird
05. Steller – Terrence (Johnny D Remix) – Soweso
05. Alex Niggemann – Take Control (Matthias Tanzmann Remix) – Supernature
06. Jesse Rose – You Know It – Made To Play
07. – Who Said I’m Crazy (Luna City Express Remix) – Baalsaal Records
08. Tom Dazing & Gols – Suricata Suricatta (Los Updates Remix) – Coincidence
09. &Me – One Day – Keinemusik
10. Alex Flitsch Meets Mutant Clan – Imanah – Connaisseur
11. Paolo Martini & Paul C – Plug Me (Johnny D Remix) . Ama
12. Mathias Kaden – Roots (Luna City Express & Matthias Tanzmann Remix) – Vakant
13. Chez Damier, Chris Carrer & Jef K – In My System – Adult Only
14. Fimo – Hold Back That Feeling – District Raw


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